The Book of You

Because you weren’t born with an instruction manual

I am here to tell you there is NOT ONE GODDAMNED THING WRONG WITH YOU.
THERE IS NOTHING you need to fix, to hide, or be ashamed about.
Are there mental trolls to learn how to tame? Absolutely. But not knowing how yet isn’t something that’s wrong, it’s just something you haven’t figured out.
Are there buried layers to you that want to be uncovered? Yup. But they don’t need to be fixed.
You are allowed to be you.
You are allowed to want what you want.
You are allowed to occupy your space and live your life on your terms.
And nobody gets to tell you what any of that looks like.
I created The Book of You for YOU. To guide you in discovering those layers and beating back those trolls and giving you a safe space to get to know yourself again.
To learn to accept yourself. To discover that, yeah, you actually can trust yourself no matter what life throws at you.
We put too much pressure on ourselves to maintain the status quo when the world desperately needs change.
We already nurture what we love. We heal hurts. We build communities and lend helping hands. We fight for those causes we hold dear and find it easier to stand up for each other than for ourselves. We give of our time and our money, often wishing we could do more.
We CAN do more.
When we get to those points (I said “when” not “if”) of knowing, accepting, and trusting ourselves, we exponentially increase our power.
When we learn how to quiet the trolls yapping in our minds, we bring a deeper focus and dedication to what we care about.
We love deeper. We heal more. We build communities that are bigger and stronger than we imagined they could be. We fight harder and stand up straighter (and louder).
We have more to give because we’ve discovered our own well and how to make sure it never runs dry.
Can you imagine what it would be like? If we all shed the shackles and went full out, not out of necessity, but out of a deep desire to make a positive impact? If we all took care of the corner of the world we felt called to, no matter how big or small?
I can. I can see a world filled with powerful women. Women who effect change just by being who they are. Women who take on the giants and women who reach out to the neighbourhood kid who needs a champion.
I know it’s not about the size of your dream, of your calling. It’s about OWNING it. It’s about being proud of what you are here to do. It’s about stepping up and showing up.
And that is the other reason I created The Book of You. Because I see you. I believe in you. And my greatest wish is that you do too.
To you who has read the entire letter, thank you. I would love to work with you through The Book of You.

All those freebies you downloaded but never looked at…

All those blueprints you bought that worked for other people…

All those courses you signed up for but never finished…

All those coaches you hired but didn’t seem to get where you were coming from…

The one thing all of those have in common is you.

You forgot the resources you had and kept looking for more.

You felt overwhelmed by all the information and stepped away. Just for a little while, you told yourself.

You compared yourself to others and decided you would never measure up, so why keep trying?

Did you ever stop to ask yourself why you couldn’t seem to pull it together? Wondered what the hell is wrong with you?

Nothing. There is not one single thing wrong with you.

You just haven’t figured out how you operate yet.

What if you knew what you really want out of life and what you’re willing to do for it? What makes you tick? What throws you into the bushes? Where you are most likely to sabotage and how NOT TO the next time?

What if you could 10x the results you get on every investment you make in yourself?

What if you rock-starred the next program you signed up for and the creator showcased you for all to see with that disclaimer that says results not typical?

How fucking awesome would that be?

Right now, though, you’ve got trolls manning your control desk, and it’s time to kick them the fuck out of the room and learn how to work all the buttons yourself.

Enter The Book of You

Created to walk you through a process that allows you to get to know yourself on a much deeper level (sans troll interference), make the choices that align with your goals (be they newly discovered or finally admitted to), tame the trolls in your way, and take action despite what those trolls throw at you.

This is not a one-size-fits-all blueprint. The Book of You is designed to guide you while you do it your way – the way that works for you. I know damned well that trying to cram yourself into the box labelled Everybody Does It This Way is a recipe that can feed your trolls for all time.

Let’s feed your soul instead, shall we?

When you complete YOUR Book of You, you will:

  • Be able to make decisions & take action with more confidence
  • Know how to handle fear
  • Be in a position to give yourself what you need to stay focused and on-track
  • Spot your sabotaging habits and take steps to avoid them
  • Know what to do to climb out of the sabotage holes that can’t be avoided (nobody’s perfect!)
  • Treat yourself with compassion and acceptance
  • Stop beating yourself up for your fuck ups
  • Stop comparing yourself negatively to other people
  • Stop wishing you were different, accept yourself as you are and start becoming who you want to be
Book One – Know Yourself

It’s so easy to assume we know ourselves better than anyone else, but do we really?

There are so many factors that colour our interpretations. Life experience, our loved ones’ opinions, assumptions about how the world works and what’s available for us. Not to mention all the trolls clamoring to be heard over your heart and soul.

Book One looks at these questions and more. You’ll dive deep into your true desires, your limits, your current reality, what does and doesn’t work for you, and how to differentiate your voice from your trolls’ voices.

Book Two – Choosing a You You Can Accept

You don’t have to accept the default setting your trolls throw at you!

Once you complete Book One and know yourself better (but not completely, because growth and evolution and it’s alllllllways going to be an ongoing process), you get to choose one of two options:

1, Accept yourself as you are and run with that


2, Decide that you do not like what you’ve discovered about yourself and choose to make changes to become who you want to be, and accept that version of yourself.

There’s no right answer, only what is right for you.

Once you’ve picked one of the two above (okay, there’s a 3rd option – you can choose to not like who you are and feel sorry for yourself while doing nothing about it, but if that’s where you were leaning, you wouldn’t be here anyway), you’ll get to look at how that choice affects other decisions you get to make.

From self-care to setting priorities to choosing where to lay your boundaries (and how to patrol them!). How you feel about yourself is the basis for how you show up in life, and how you show up reinforces how you feel about yourself. Nice loop there. Which makes it all the more important to choose the you that you want to be.

Book Three – Trust Yourself

Okay, you’ve gotten to know yourself.

You’ve accepted yourself as you are, or accepted that you are making changes to grow into who you want to be.

You’ve looked at how that affects the choices you make.

Now what?

Now is the time to start taking action on that knowledge and those choices.

To learn how to handle the trolls while you move forward (because stopping everything to sit down with them and try to convince them to pleeeeaaassseee stop being assholes so you can move forward has NOT worked, like, ever).

To start building up what promises to be a giant pile of proof that you DO have this, and you CAN trust yourself to keep having it.

You’ll learn how to break down what your next step is, how to keep going when your motivation goes on vacation without you, and what to do when the trolls drag you back into your old not-so-comfortable comfort zone.

(A.K.A. How to Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway)

The Book of You
$797 Pre-sale pricing until April 30, 2019
($997 from May 1st)
Live run May 20th, 2019

What you get:

  • Immediate access to The Book of You Facebook group
  • Immediate access to the prework
  • The Book of You delivered LIVE over 5 weeks starting May 20, 2019
    • Weekly Q&A*
    • Weekly laser coaching*
    • Weekly content teachings
  • Access The Book of You content anytime after the live run
  • Access to all future live rounds
  • ALL future Book of You upgrades
  • Bonus content!!!
    • Hack your mood (video + pdf) $97 value
    • Maximise your brain juice (video + pdf) $97 value
    • My best meditation to put the trolls in perspective $97 value

*Not available outside of live run dates.

Remember, when you complete YOUR Book of You, you will:

  • Be able to make decisions & take action with more confidence
  • Know how to handle fear
  • Be in a position to give yourself what you need to stay focused and on-track
  • Spot your sabotaging habits and take steps to avoid them
  • Know what to do to climb out of the sabotage holes that can’t be avoided (nobody’s perfect!)
  • Treat yourself with compassion and acceptance
  • Stop beating yourself up for your fuck ups
  • Stop comparing yourself negatively to other people
  • Stop wishing you were different, accept yourself as you are and start becoming who you want to be

What better way to set yourself up for success than to learn to know, accept, and trust yourself?

Imagine the magic you’ll make when you stand tall and proud, knowing down to your bones that this is where you’re leading your life and, whatever happens, you’ve got it handled.

$797 USD
The Book of You

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From The Book of You BETA Round:

Names are not included because the feedback form I used separated answers from answerees. D’oh!

Just putting together and organizing my what I want list helped me bring things to the forefront—and without a lot of planning or effort, some of them started happening.

I reframed what I “can’t” do as things I’m not willing to give up other things for, and checked in on my boundaries and challenges to see what has changed as other parts of my life change. (Example, I’m willing to travel away from my kids a little more — and logistically it is easier because of their age.)

I’m more aware of where I get in my own way. I’m not perfect about getting out of my own way still, but I’m more likely to be able to by knowing where my thoughts/trolls are stopping me.

I thought about self-care in a new way, so I can still do the minimal even when life gets super busy/hard.
Beta tester 1


It has helped me see where I need to “shore up” my life. Like my boundaries – I know I HAVE them, but until I read this and started writing about it, I wasn’t sure where they really were. A great example is debt. OMG. Everybody is like “Debt is a gift” “debt is a tool” “credit is something to leverage” and it was making me question myself because I was sued over a bad debt and it left me with a bad taste around debt. And then you saying “it’s not wrong to say ‘I don’t want to hang myself over the cliff'” made me go “YES! THAT SHIT RIGHT THERE!”

So the very best thing about The Book of You is that it shows me who I am, where I see my priorities, where I’m willing to settle (and that sometimes that’s ok) and that I don’t have to compare my shit to anyone. That’s super fucking liberating!

– Beta tester 2


It (you) offered me reframes on thought patterns so they weren’t so destructive. Your prompts kept me in a more positive mindset.

Beta tester 3


It has helped to clear the mess in my mind and pave a path to clarity on my daily goals.

Beta tester 4


It gave me space to explore the mindset challenges I come up against and a guide to work through all the ways that I self-sabotage.

Beta tester 5

I don’t believe in get rich quick programs, or so-easy-no-effort-is-required miracle claims. Any kind of success, accomplishment, personal growth or skill takes a lot of time, hard work, integrity and dedication. Learning to tame your trolls so you can live life on your terms is HARD WORK. Your results are 100% completely up to YOU. You are the beautifully conscious creator in your life. You are the person responsible for your own success. You’re the one that can create miracles or do absolutely nothing with this program. I’ll teach you what you need to know, but it’s up to you to implement. If you invest in this training and coaching package and proceed to do nothing with it, you’ll also get nothing out of it.

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, and should not be interpreted as typical. Please do not infer that these examples are promises or guarantees of earnings, or of same/similar results. Every person is different, and each person’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavour, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

Cancellations, Refunds & Returns

All digital product sales, including online courses, are final due to the nature of downloadable content and your irrevocable access to them once they’ve been delivered. Pre-orders and pre-sales are 100% refundable until the date of delivery. Simply send an email to and include all relevant information (username and email, as well as the email associated with your payment if it’s different from your login information). We’d love to know why you changed your mind about taming your trolls, so please include that as well!

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