Troll-Taming Power Pack Sessions

Troll Mastery Level = Throat Punch.

You’re going to kick his ass.

Getting shit done is at the top of your list, yet you find every reason in the world to work on other things besides your business.

Facebook has gone from 30 minutes a day of actively making money to 3.74 hours of Buzzfeed and Daily Share bullshit because you know what you have to do, but you’re scared to do it.

And I’m not pointing fingers like that’s a bad thing. I’ve been where you are. And still fall into that place, every once in a while.

But that’s not where you need to stay.

That fear is there for a reason.

I’m going to help you uncover it and get rid of it. What will happen at the end of these three sessions? Fear will no longer be a hindrance. It’ll be your bitch.

You’ll get over that hump that’s standing in the way of those PayPal payments and you’ll walk away armed. Armed with the knowledge that you’re better today than you were yesterday and that tomorrow won’t have to suffer any longer because of it.

Trolls are nasty creatures.

They do what they can to make sure you’re wallowing in INACTION, just like they do. They don’t like to be lonely. And they know if you succeed? They’ll be history.

So they tell you things like:

“You can’t look as professional as she does. Forget it!”

Or “You’re not saying anything new...why waste your breath??”

Or even worse, “What if they LIKE it?? Then you’ll have to do it again!”

It’s all bullshit. But it’s not impenetrable.

I'm Kim

I’m the Tamer you need and want in your corner because I’ve been deeper in the depths of hell than you can imagine and I KNOW what it’s like to be paralyzed by your own mind.

And my trolls?

Still try to rear their heads, but now I know exactly what to do to get them out of my way.

Who Benefits?


Coaches and business women who hate the struggle of getting beyond themselves.


Women who know they can do more, but feel themselves taking the easy route, instead of the profitable one.


Or anyone who knows there’s a big nasty, hairy, grinning, slobbering troll breathing in their face, instead of snoozing under the bridge of their success.

Holy shit! I have had more insights and breakthroughs in the past 30 mins with Kimberly than I have in the past 2 years! She is amazing at identifying my trolls, and putting them into submission so the real ideas and clarity come through! I can’t wait for our call next week!

Lesley Stedmon

Feminine Freedom Mentor

How Does It Work?

  1. You schedule your discovery call.
  2. You get a questionnaire to fill out to tell me all about what those trolls have been stopping you from doing and how they’ve been teasing and taunting you.
  3. And if you’re down with my tell-it-like-it-is-even-if-you-get-mad-at-me approach that pushes you past these nasties, we schedule your three calls with the small investment of $1500.

Then we sit down at our scheduled times to see:


What the hell these trolls want with you.


How we’re going to throat punch them.


What you’ll do to go beyond the Stuckville they’ve got you in so you can open the floodgates for the money you’re blocking at the moment.

Very painless process. Almost.

When I first started speaking with Kimberly, I was lost. I was so lost I didn’t even know how lost I was. I spoke to her about my business and where I was at – and she was able to make me see the obvious when I was blinded by confusion (I was totally overwhelmed.)

What I liked about her coaching style is that she gave me direct advice and told me what to do rather than probe me to death with questions. Sometimes we need coaching to be straight forward.

After our first call I went out and did everything she suggested to me and I was on fire! I remember thinking, “Holy crap! What did that lady do to me?” I became so efficient and it felt amazing.

I got my website up and running and I started blogging and making YouTube videos. Kimberly got me on the right path to make my business flourish and she was a critical player in putting me where I am right now. During my time with Kimberly, I completely swapped the language of my business, began reaching out to an entirely different online community, and I have already received my first paying online clients (my dream). She gave me a lot of tips on how to keep succeeding and I know I excelled quickly as a result of her help.

Kimberly I appreciate how much you’ve done for me and when I look back on the beginning of my business I will always remember you.

Sydney Adelle

Weight Reduction and Thought Control Coach

Are you willing to stay at their mercy?

Or are you ready to shift to the next phase of “Holy Shit! This is AWESOME”?

Book your Troll-Taming Power Pack Session before they steal another moment of your life or your business.

Ready to book? Skip the RC and get your Power Pack now.

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