KLP_About_500pxWrought with guilt because you want more?


It told you you’re good where you are. That you don’t need more success. Because more success would mean less of the people you love.

It lied.

You listened.

So your plans didn’t get made.

The project that could have changed it all? In the can. Or put off, at the very least, until you feel better about launching – 6 months from now (more?).

We’re going to change that.

When we’re done. Your calendar will be full of notes about your past delivered projects and launches. You’re going to be killer. A troll-killer.

I'm Kim. Master of Troll-Taming.

Literally. Like I have a third-degree blackbelt in kicking troll ass.

Once upon a time, I was paralyzed by panic and anxiety attacks. Through years of coaching, therapy, and books, I’ve figured out the keys and found what works for me. And now I pass on those keys to you.

Trolls are Bigger for Some

I have trolls. Not regular trolls. My own trolls are on troll steroids. A mood disorder and two distinct anxiety disorders gave my trolls a bullhorn to shout at me through for the past 15 years. It was paralyzing.

I know what it’s like when the inner dialogue (diatribe?!) is so negative you can barely make a decision, much less follow through.

So I had to figure out how to make them STFU. I’m not into navel-gazing. I didn’t want to unravel the nature vs nurture threads to find out why I got hit with the mental health stick.

I just wanted to figure out how to get my life on track with my own version of success.

This required a lot of research and trial and error, with and without professionals. It took years. I attended retreats, paid for therapy, paid for coaching – good and bad, learned from both. I read hundreds of books (I’m not kidding, it’s in the triple digits, not half of them worth the money or the time. I save my clients from that crap.), tested theories on myself and finally figured out what works for me. Yay!

After I was finally out of the damn forest, I could see the trees.

I could hear other people asking for help, suffer the things I had suffered (often sans the mental illness or three). That’s when I started sharing what worked for me, tweaked for them when necessary, and holy wow what a rush it is to unleash someone from their troll-guarded ball and chain!

Taming my own trolls was not fun. But the kick I get helping others do it should be close to illegal, at least a fineable offense.

You deserve to have everything your heart screams it wants, and to FEEL like you can do it.

I mean, that stuff wakes you up in the middle of the night, every night!

So you know the desire is there. But the fear is there, too. We’re going to put it all to bed. We’re going to tame those trolls together.

Fear will no longer be a part of your equation. 

Because you’ll know exactly how to handle it when it pops up. Confidence will no longer duck and hide away when you need it most. And rewards that come with that?

Is the business you’ve always felt you could create. Money, success, time with your family. It’s all there. Waiting for you.

Let’s tame those trolls so you can have it sooner, now. Not 3 years from now.

Tame those Trolls!

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