There has to be more to business than this.

And making it happen?

Is as good as done.

I Got This!

(6mos, you and I, mano y mano)

Troll Mastery Level = Tame the Fucker. Permanently.

The drudgery of everyday, boring minutiae of work, pay bills (barely), and go to bed makes you insane.

Souls like yours weren’t meant for this kind of business.

Where’s the business you see everyone else running?

With ass-kicking teams under them. Their own web show. Helping people across the globe, building schools where schools are given a backseat to working to bring home food for the family.

Where’s the business that gives you the power to create change, make an impact, and touch people’s lives like only you can?

Everyone says suck it up (losers). Get a real job (and live miserable like the rest of them).

And you’ve listened to them. Because you’re doing just that.

But you can’t anymore.

You want that business that haunts your dreams.

And if you hear the word “clarity” one more time, you’ll karate chop your screen.

You know without any shred of a doubt what you want. Your fantasy is so real, it feels like reality already.

But as soon as you take a step toward making it happen?

The trolls rise up.

And back to the boring, let-me-throw-myself-in-front-of-a-bus-if-I-have-to-keep-doing-this status quo you go.

Something’s gotta give. You canNOT settle anymore.

But how do you shut the trolls up? How do you stop getting in your own way?

By letting me hold your hand for the next 6 months walking you through shifting the only asset you need, your mind.

When we're done, you'll hear music like this in your head:


Fuck yeah, LOVE my life!


Yes! THIS is what I am meant to do with my life!


I’ve got this.


Outta my way, bitches!


Oh yeah, I get to do this every day!


You want a piece of me, Troll?! Watch this!


It’s my life, and it’s the only one I’ve got (that I’m aware of). I’m gonna do what I want with it!

Tame your trolls.

Take back your business and power the one you know you can have.

This is for you IF:


You are abso-fucking-lutely DONE with excuses. No more falling for the trolls’ lies.


You need help standing up to your trolls when they start beating up on you. They’re manipulative little jerks.


You are ready to accept full responsibility for your business, your happiness, and your choices.


You want more out of your life, and you’d rather face the scary stuff now than regret not taking action years from now.


This is not for you if:


You expect it to be easy. Trolls are like toddlers; when you start changing things up, they will fight back and throw temper tantrums.


You are still blaming people and circumstances for where you are. Blame takes up too much energy you’ll need to face your trolls.


You aren’t willing to really look at your biz and make necessary changes.

What you get:


18 troll taming sessions over 24 weeks

(3 weeks on, 1 week off) to call every one of your trolls out of hiding and tame each and every one so your life? Becomes the one you want.

Unlimited email access



Recordings of each session

So you can keep track of all the hard-hitting goodness that comes in each session and can refer back to the calls later.

High level of accountability

Seriously. There’s no falling through the cracks with me.

Notes and assignments emailed to you

Because you need it all in writing to help you maintain that focus and drive to tame these beasts.

1/2 Day Virtual Intensive

Kick off with a ½ day virtual intensive to get really clear about your vision for your life and what’s in the way.

I'm Kim.

And you’re about to be the proud owner of the life others are going to be envious of.

Because I had to travel a rough as hell road to get here. Imagine being so scared of decisions and interactions that you have to write scripts for yourself for everything, even ordering pizza. Yep. I did. I was that chick who was so trapped by her trolls that human interaction was painful.

Look at me now!

Because I’ve taken the very steps you need to take to make your life the one you want.

Through hundreds of books, hours of therapy and coaching, and a shit ton of trial and error, I tamed every one of my trolls. That knowledge gives me (us) the power to do the same for you.

And when you settle on this investment?

You settle on winning.

Before I started working with Kimberly, I had spent YEARS wanting to “make something of my life.” I was a chronic learner, procrastinated and made excuses about wanting things to be “perfect,” and I had a negative self-talk track that ran in an infinite loop.

I had started to unpack some of these things myself, but I quickly realized that mindset work is not the place to try to DIY.

During our Reality Check, I told Kimberly, “The scary part of saying yes to you, is that I’m saying yes to myself.” But that scary decision was one of the best I’ve EVER made.

Kimberly has a gift for knowing when to push and when to let you ease into mindset shifts. She taught me that taming trolls is not always about going into epic battle with them; sometimes, you just strategically walk around them.

I am more confident as an entrepreneur but also in my ability to deal with whatever life, people, or my own brain throws at me. I (and also my husband and kids) have benefited from my greater self-assurance, healthier habits, and overall sense of “you got this.”

There is no dollar amount for the value of Kimberly’s expertise and impact on my life.

Jessica Eley

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